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Do you have any seating?

Yes, but very limited. We can’t hold any reservations nor guarantee you will be able to sit.

Is all your bread sourdough?

Most of it is. Our baguette and Brioche, though, contain less than one percent of commercial yeast. We also use preferments (Biga and Poolish) for some of our breads and pizzas.

Are your croissants sourdough?

No. That would be like making panettone every day and no one who bakes wants that.

Do you make anything gluten-free?


Do you have anything vegan?

Our sourdoughs are vegan. Brioche, challah and croissants are not.

Are you an Organic Bakery?

As much as we can, yes. We try to use local flours, sea salt, cane sugar, and organic produce as much as we can. Some of our suppliers are so small, they can't afford the organic stamp of approval, but they do follow organic practices.

Is your Panettone all natural?

Yes it is.

Do you bake everything fresh every day?

Yes we do.

Is everything baked in house?

Yes it is and also made from scratch.

Do you do wholesale?

What kind of coffee do you serve?

We have an espresso-based drinks program that we serve using Quietly Coffee beans. We also offer them for retail.

Are you hiring?

We are a very tight unit with a high spirit of accomplishment. If you feel inclined, send us your resume with a few words to this address.

I have a special request. Can you guys accommodate it?

Maybe. Send us an email and give us two days to assess and reply.

Are you open seven days a week?


Do you deliver?

Not currently. But we are working on something for local deliveries.

Are you a Spanish bakery?

No. We are an artisanal bakery borrowing inspiration from all walks of life.

Do you take cash?

Yes. Cash is king. (this is the most frequently asked question btw)